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Discover About Painting Services

Our team is specialized in dealing with challenging tasks to please you by our work no matter if it is a villa, apartment or any commercial building. You will find out professional painters up to the task and adoptive to every kind of environment..
        Our 100% Focus is Customer Requirements.
        We Pay 100% Attention to Details.
        We want 100% Customer Satisfaction.
        We will try to give our 100%.
        We will try to finish with maturity not early.
We will always take fully care of your house and never give you a chance to object.
Its our duty to take care of your house as it should be. We will always try to satisfy you not ourself. Its our duty to decorate your house with your will and you have full right to change your mind at any step. Our mission is only to satisfy you.


Our Services

Painting Services UAE offers Home Painting, Villa painting, Office Painting, Apartment Painting, Studio Painting, Room Painting, Wall Painting, Interior Painitng. Painitng is an easy method of maintenance and renewal of your home apartment or office. Painting your home apartment or office makes your residency apealing. 
Except these Services we also provide General Maintenance Services to our customers. In which Shelf Repairing, Light Bulb Changing, Shower Repairing, PVC Pipe Changing, Fall Sealing Repairing are included. But General Maintenance will cost except of Painting Services


Painting Services UAE have worked hard to develop a unique, positive culture. Our clients know us for our Painting Happiness, a philosophy that directs our ethic and attitude at every job site we visit. We also believe that Painting Happiness is just as important for our team to experience together as it is for us to share with those we serve. We look out for each other, better each other, and complement each other, creating an incredible place to build a career.


Shape your future web project with sharp. We strive for our customers to have the best painting service they have ever had. In fact, we ask every one of our customers to let us know how well we perform to their expectations. They will ususally fill out a report card and let us know. We typically receive all A's (about 92% of the time), but we know we're not perfect. Sometimes we can drop the ball. If we do, we want to know about it. And if we don't live up to your expectations or if we did not follow our own high standards of being on time, neat and clean, courteous and professional, then we will take 100AED off your final billesign and refine coded functions.

Studio Painting

500-600 AED
  • We offer you standard rates starting from 450AED ending at 550AED for a studio painting

Apartment Painting

750-1600 AED
  • We offer you standard rates starting from 550AED ending at 2200AED for an appartment

Villa Painting

1500-3000 AED
  • We offer you standard rates starting from 1800AED ending at 4000AED for a villa

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Address: Opp East Hotel. Frij Al Murar, Deira Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 55 6825655

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