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Light Bulb Changing

Changing light bulbs may seem like a simple task, but the location and style of light fixtures can make the job a difficult and hazardous one. Light Bulbs Unlimited offers a fixture cleaning and light bulb replacement service. Homes and small businesses light bulb maintenance can be a hard-to-reach job requiring special equipment, we can do it for you quickly and safely for you. We care for your demand and do what you decide. We do our job as our customer want to get.

Light Bulb


We can repair most table and floor lamps. Drop by any one of our three locations for a brief consultation.
Labor plus Parts
Two weeks or less for most repairs depending on volume.
Custom lamp cords made to your desire.
Parts can be purchased for do-it yourselfers. Home decorating is typicaly a seasonal service. However, we can light your home, backyard, or landscpae anytime of the year. Homes, Trees, Fences, Driveways, Gazebos, etc. we can do it all.
Get A Detailed Proposal In Writing From Us that clearly outlines our painting services and the total cost rather than providing a verbal quote or estimate.
Except of only rooms we also offer Shelf Repairing, Shower Repairing and Pipe Changing so you dont have to go anywhere

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