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False Ceiling Repairing

Looking to create a neater home by concealing the pipes and wires leading to your lights and taps? One common method practiced by most condominium and new HDB flats is to use false ceiling or plaster ceiling to cover them up. The spacious feel a false ceiling can give to your home is one of the main reasons false ceiling and L box are gaining popularity in Singapore. With the size of flats getting smaller and a increase in demand for a better and comfortable home after a long day at work, the white of a false ceiling helps home owner to achieve both design and functionality.
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False Ceiling Repairing


Most homes in UAE uses false ceiling to cover up unsightly pipes and wire work on their ceiling. The most common false ceiling repair work we have to undertake is that of the bathroom false ceiling. This is because that is where the heaters and pipe work tends to be and as such potential places for water to leak out from. With most, the false ceiling tends to get water stain mark (from leaking pipe in false ceiling) or in some cases the plaster gets eroded by the water. Other common repairs would be to touch up on the cracks that becomes obvious over time. Our technicians are experienced in false ceiling repair and are able to undertake any problems that you may have with your false ceiling.
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Except of only False Ceiling Repairing we also offer Shelf Repairing, Shower Repairing and PVC Pipe Repairing so you dont have to go anywhere

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