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Shelf Repairing

We offer professional consultation from specialists who possess the knowledge and experience to measure and fit new or replacement tabletop glass. As part of your consultation, our specialists will help you make the best decision for your home or business regarding edgework detail, thickness and glass tint, while avoiding possible safety issues related to heavier glass. We built Top Shelf Appliance Repair around one thing: providing the best in customer service. He prides himself and his business on putting the customer first, no matter what. Our satisfaction comes from making the customer happy at all costs. We care for your demand and do what you decide. We do our job as our customer want to get.

Shelf Repairing


Sliding Shelves (also known as pull out shelves, Slide Out Shelves, or Pull Out Drawers) are a relatively inexpensive way for you to add storage space to your kitchen or closet. Furthermore you'll save your knees because you'll no longer need to kneel down to find items in the back of a low placed shelf. Also, you'll be able to easily find those items as our pull out shelves are fully extendable. Our pull out drawers feature high quality wood of several finishes, full extension, and high quality ball bearing slides. They are rated to support up to 100 pounds when fully extended allowing you to place virtually anything you would need to put in them. We install our sliding shelves on-site meaning you get fully customizable sliding shelves to fit perfectly in the space you have. Since we do the install on site, you don't need to worry about getting measurements. If you are considering sliding shelves to enhance your kitchen, 
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Except of only rooms we also offer Shower Repairing, Bulb Setting and Ceiling Repairing so you dont have to go anywhere

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